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About Us

"It's 2020. You deserve better cereal than what was created in large mills 100 years ago."

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Every family should enjoy a long, happy, adventure-filled life!

When our Head Chef's wife was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, he realized their family's diet needed to change fast. But cereal was a morning tradition in their household and proved too hard to give up.

Luckily, he was a professional chef.

With the input of his doctor and local nutritionist, he began creating a new cereal recipe based on their recommendations. The ingredients also reflected the latest scientific advances in non-glycemic natural sweeteners.

He even went so far as to buy a machine that makes real cereal!

Within months, something incredible happened. He had created a recipe that tasted just like his wife and children's favorite cereal - but without the sugar, corn and grains.

With continued testing since then, we have evolved our formula with the continued feedback of food scientists and nutritionists to offer it as Cereal Squad. Our recipe is the healthiest and yummiest cereal you can give your family - just take a look at the ingredients!

Why we created a vegan keto cereal.

As people on keto ourselves, we started to see a lack of options for those of us who regularly want a low cholesterol, plant-based meal in our diet. So we set out to create exactly that. Cereal Squad became a passion project for us, and we were commited to making a cereal that tasted like the real thing while including only healthy ingredients. That's exactly what we did. We think you'll love the taste experience of our high-protein, high-fiber, incredibly low-carb cereal.

Cereal Squad is the collaboration between between our team and the world's top keto experts and nutritionists.

We want what’s best for the health of humans and the world. To achieve this, Cereal Squad is devoted to helping people reach their highest potential in health and wellness by creating products that are innovative, delicious, natural, nutritious, and sugar-free.

That's why we refuse to compromise when it comes to creating high quality cereal that is beneficial for you, your family and the environment.

The only thing left to do is taste it for yourself!

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