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Media Kit

Media Kit

Do you want to write about Cereal Squad? We have compiled assets below that may help.

Thank You

Hello! We appreciate you covering us, helping us spread our mission to improve the nutrition of families around the country.

Our company believes the cereal industry has stalled, and we are innovating with products that are nutritious and just as tasty.

We've created some guidelines to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content and latest updates. Feel free to reach out with questions for our co-founders.

-Cereal Squad Team

Company Description

Cereal Squad is an innovator in the $35 billion cereal market with its Keto Krunch, a sweet and crunchy keto cereal made with organic, science-supported ingredients. The mission-focused company uses a portion of its sales to provide kids in need with free boxes of Keto Krunch, striving to improve the nutrition of underpriviledged youth. https://cerealsquad.com/

Copy/Paste Quotes

Cereal Squad co-founder Jaron Lukas says:

→ "Cereal Squad isn't just for keto. Our goal is to overtake the major cereal companies whose sugar, corn and grain-based cereals are a large contributor to obesity and diabetes in the US."

→ "We are supporting the growing nutrition movement. More and more people are discovering that the quality of food we eat matters, and we want to meet the needs of this market with the highest quality cereal possible."

→ "The level of carbs contained in traditional cereal is scary. Certainly not something we should be feeding children. My goal with Cereal Squad was to create a better, healthier solution."

Company Story

Cereal Squad was born out of necessity. When the wife of its Head Chef was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, he realized their family's diet needed to change fast. But cereal was a morning tradition in their household and proved too hard to give up. With the input of his doctor and local nutritionist, created a healthier alternative reflecting the latest nutrition science. The result was Cereal Squad Keto Krunch, the healthiest cereal on the market today.

Cereal Squad Give Program

Cereal Squad donates 1% of all sales as part of its mission to feed kids across the country. It partners 501(c)(3) organizations as part of its Cereal Squad Give Program, primarily targeting kids in low income areas.

Company Founders

Cereal Squad was co-founded by long-time friends Jaron Lukas, Raymond Bailey and Yo Sub Kwon. They are serial entrepreneurs who have previously developed notable venture-backed tech companies, including Coinsetter (acquired by Kraken) and LaunchKey (acquired by TransUnion). Their motto is: "Always put customers first."

Jaron Lukas

Ray Bailey

Yo Sub Kwon


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We want to chat with you about modern nutrition science and how consumers are changing. Drop us a line at go@cerealsquad.com.

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