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Cereal Squad (3 Pack)
Cereal Squad (3 Pack)
Cereal Squad (3 Pack)
Cereal Squad (3 Pack)

Cereal Squad (3 Pack)

Give your family the best cereal on the planet.
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Order Cereal Squad's perfect cereal and taste the goodness.

Our deliciously sweet perfect cereal is unlike any cereal you've ever had before.

With only 3g net carbs, 13g of protein and 7g of fiber per serving, you can rest easy knowing this sweet indulgence is also good for you.

Made sugar-free with healthy sweeteners and high quality ingredients—all gently cooked to perfection—our cereal makes it easy to eat a bowl guilt-free anytime.

Give it a try risk-free and see why everyone loves Cereal Squad!


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The best tasting keto cereal, hands down.

Our revolutionary cereal recipe uses the right combination of natural sweeters, creamy protein isolates and gut healthy prebiotic fibers to create a cereal that tastes amazing.

Good-for-you sweetness.

We use allulose to create the guilt-free sweetness people have come to love about Cereal Squad. Allulose tastes just like sugar, and severeal studies show it may reduce blood glucose levels so you can live a healthy and enlightened life. This natural sweetener supports gut health and has no impact on glycemic levels. Yay!

Only 3g net carb per serving.

Many competing "keto" cereals contain up to 7g of net carbs per bowl! That might still technically make them keto-friendly, but it severely limits what you can eat for the rest of the day. A bowl of Cereal Squad has just 3g of net carbs, leaving you with wide room to eat whatever you please.

Lower your cholesterol intake on keto.

Given the high meat consumption on the ketogenic diet, many of us are seeking ways to lower our cholesterol intake. Our keto cereal is a low cholesterol food that can help you achieve it. Replace any meal with a bowl of our cereal, and you'll get a delicious meal that keeps your cholesterol balanced.

Superfood ingredients supported by science.

You're committed to maintaing a full keto lifestyle. We are too. Our cereal is made with healthy superfood ingredients that ensure you accomplish your keto nutrition goals.

The proof is in our food.

Once you open the box, we think you’ll see why Cereal Squad is unlike any other cereal you’ve seen before. The naturally sweet coating on our crunchy squares make them unmatched by any other brand.

All ingredients are sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Keto ingredients.

Brown Rice Protein
Pea Protein
Organic Coconut Oil
Oat Fiber
Rice Flour
Non-GMO Natural Flavor

That’s it.

Our extremely low carb profile is made for the ketogenic diet.

Cereal Squad's perfect cereal has the right macronutrient profile to maintain a keto diet easily. You can eat a bowl without using up too many of your daily net carbs. See how our cereal easily fits into your diet.

Maple waffle

Strawberry donut

Cinnamon churro

Caramel fudge brownie

Cereal lover approved.

(4.9 star customer rating)

See why people across the USA are joining the squad.

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Austin, TX

"This cereal tastes AMAZING. It doesn't feel like I'm giving anything up even though I'm on keto."

New York, NY

"Pro tip: mix different flavors together to experience greatness on your tongue. The sweet coating on this is so good too."

Tampa, FL

"I really love the maple waffle and cinnamon churro flavors. It's the perfect cereal, and I can't believe it's low carb."

Las Vegas, NV

"This is my new favorite cereal! I was excited by how it looked on the website and it lived up to expectations."